ColorKote CT | ColorKote CT | Decorative Glass Fabricator
ColorKote is a decorative glass fabricator that offers coated and backpainted glass; magnetic, writable, projectable glass; antique mirrors; and more.
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ColorKote is so much more than a fabricator as we bring you unlimited ways to use glass in your design. We offer you all the colors in the spectrum to design with color for your kitchen backsplashes, your bathroom shower doors, your furniture, even your room dividers.


For that unique touch, we create antique mirrors to accent any room.


And let’s not exclude functionality. We bring you a simple and easy way to add any color board to your office, school or any other educational setting to help individuals learn visually.

Coated Glass

Enjoy unlimited colors within your design. Glass brings a durable, smooth, and bold statement to any room, wall, or any piece you imagine.

Writable Glass Boards

Add the durability and design of our glass to your board room or class room, and make the next meeting or lesson a simple one to create and keep.

Antique Mirrors

Bring a beautifully designed bit of the old and classic into your design. Antique mirrors give any space a unique feel by adding a soft touch of antique.

Laminated Glass

Create a featured wall using lamination. With any design, color, print, fabric, texture, we give you a durable and long-lasting way to design any space.